Volunteers are needed to make copies and laminate for the teachers, help count and distribute to teachers boxes and classroom deliveries at 10am. A schedule is set up with days and 9am-11am shifts for volunteers to sign up. This is a volunteer opportunity for those that prefer a consistent time and day to work.

 All training is provided.

Click HERE to sign up to volunteer!

Thank you again for helping out.  Everyone at Exley appreciates the time you are willing to share.


Workroom Instructions


On the back counter you will see drawers labeled Monday – Friday. Teachers and staff put items they need copied in those drawers. If a drawer is empty, please go to the next one so we can try to stay ahead of the demand. 

After you copy items, you may place them in the teacher’s box. Each item should have a small form attached that tells the teacher and grade, along with number of copies needed. If it does not have that info on it, leave it in the drawer and skip it. 

Please be careful not to leave paperclips on top of the copier! All it takes is one paperclip to fall through a crack and break the entire copier. It happens more often than you think. If the paper gets jammed, alert the office to assist you. Please don’t try to open the copier and fix it yourself. 


Items to be laminated can be found in the large drawer directly under the laminator. They will have a slip with the teacher’s name. If items do not fit inside their box, place it in the very top box for that grade. Teachers will look up there to find it. Please put the slip back on the items after completing them.

Check to make sure the counter is clear behind the laminator before starting!

Watch the outgoing feed at the back of the machine consistently to make sure it is moving outward in the direction of the copier. 

Push the “Stop” button on the machine to feed items in straight. It will not hurt the items to sit while you get the next ones ready. This saves laminate. Push “Run” to resume laminating. There should NEVER be anything on the counter behind the laminator! It will cause the film to roll back in. If you see a red line start to show on the roll, STOP IMMEDIATELY and tell the office. This line indicates the roll needs to be changed. It can never run all the way down, or it will break the machine resulting in costly repairs. If you need a demonstration, please ask! Don’t be shy!

Always replace the clip hanging on the end of the film at the back of the laminator. This clip keeps the film from shrinking and rolling back into the machine. It is very expensive to fix if this happens, so please watch it carefully.

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